How is goBenevolent Different?

Our goal is to custom craft a website that showcases your organization. We find that many start up organizations don't have a lot of content or know exactly what to put on their site. Many custom sites cost too much and less expensive options don't give you much customization. And for most, you don't really know what all the differnt options are and which you should use. We have experience and know what will work best for you. We will configure a custom website that is fully editable by you and will be up and running quickly. We provide all your website and document services in one place, so you can focus on starting your nonprofit well.

How does the website process work?

Our online forms will guide you through the process. You pick out a website style, tell us about your organization, upload your logo and any photos you have, tell us what pages you want, give us any special requests you may have and we'll put together a draft website for you to review. Once you review your site, we'll make any edits needed so that your site is just how you want it. Then we'll make your site live and turn it over to you. Check out our nonprofit website styles.

What if I don't have a logo or much information?

If you don't have a logo, we can create one for you. If you don't have any pictures or much information about your organization, we will help you create conent about your organization from your application so your site will not only look great, but tell about who you are and what you are doing.

Can't I just buy a template?

You can just buy a template. Unfortunately, configuring a template to look the way you want it with the information and pictures you want to have on it is not an easy process. Even for advanced users custom configuring a template is very time consuming and can be very frustrating. We have experience customizing nonprofit websites and we can configure your webiste quickly so you're nonprofit can get off and running.

I'm not a tech person, will I be able to update my site?

One of the frustrating parts about having a website is having to be an expert to update it. All our sites can be easily edited by you - even if you are not a tech person. We build on a content mangement sysetm (CMS) that allows you to edit your site just like you would edit a word processing document. Our goal is for you to be able to easily update your site so that it is always up to date.

What is CMS & what platform do you use?

CMS stands for content managemenet system, and simply put is an interface to update and edit your website that doesn't require you to write code. The goal of CMS is to allow users to do complex edits without having the technical backgorund - making it so anyone can make updates or edits. The CMS system we build our websites on is Wordpress. Wordpress is the most widely used CMS platform, powering over 60 million websites and more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016. Wordpress allows for you to make edits right on your website page (front end). It is powerful, secure and easy to use. Learn more about Wordpress.

Can I customize or change one of your website styles?

Our website styles are starting points for you to customize your site from. For many of our customers, the styles we provide are great fits for their organization. Others may want to make some changes to better fit their organization. You can make changes to colors, pages, and other aspects of our website styles. If you have a special request for one of our web styles, just let use know.

Can you provide custom work outside of your website styles?

We have developed websites for multimillion dollar organizations and for those that haven't collected a dime.  This range of experience allows us to deliver the right product - no matter how big or small the organization. If you have special needs or want custom work done on your site, contact us about a quote.



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