Social Media

Why do I need to use social media?

Social media is one of the best tools to connect with people from all over the world and tell them about the good things taht your organization is doing. With so many using social media for updates on the world around them, it is one of the best platforms to spread the word about your nonprofit organization.

What social media accounts does goBenevolent set up?

goBenevolent can set up any social media accounts that you want. The social media accounts we typically set up or suggest you choose from are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Does goBenevolent set up my social media accounts?

goBenevolent can do the initial set up of your social media accounts, or can help you integrate your existinst social media accounts into your website.

Does goBenevolent manage my social media accounts?

goBenevolent does not manage your social media accounts. After the initial set up of your social media accounts, it will be up to you to update and maintain your accounts.

How many social media accounts should I have?

That depends. goBenevolent strongly reccomends utilizing social media to connect your organization to people all over. However with social media, more is not necessarily better. goBenevolent reccomends that you have as many social media accounts as plan on maintaining and keeping up to date. If your account is not current when someone visits, it loses crediability as a source for up to date information. Your social media followers expect that your account to be updated reguarly and have current information about your organization. When it does, your followers will continue to come back to learn about the new things your orgnaization is doing.



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