Online Donations

Why should I accept online donations?

You want to make it easy for people to give to your organization. Traditional donations require donors to write a check, look up your address, fill out an envelope, buy a stamp and the put it in the mail. Or they are required to be in close proximity to you or your organization to give to in person. Potential donors may intend to give, but forget or get distracted before they finish the process. Online donations are instant and make it easy for donors to give at the moment they feel compelled to contribute to your cause. And online donations means you are not limited by proximity - people can donate from anywhere in the world.

Does goBenevolent process or store credit card information?

goBenevolent does not process or store any credit card information. goBenevolent uses PayPal, a trusted online payment solution, so donors can be confident their donations are safe and secure. 

Do I have to accept online donations?

You don't have to accept online donations. However, in 2012 total donatiosn only increased by 1.5% while online donations increased by 14%. Accepting donations online might help you raise funds faster for your organization.

What percentage of my donation does PayPal take?

PayPal takes a small percentage or your online donation - 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. However PayPal is free to sign up and use with no long term commitments. And most importnatly, PayPal has become the company that people trust to handle their transactions online. To learn more about PayPal.



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